How Is Uwell Vape Pen Different From A Pod?

How Is Uwell Vape Pen Different From A Pod?

Have you ever heard of uwell vapes? If yes, then perhaps you must have heard of uwell vape pen, tank, mod, pod, etc. If yes, then you must be wondering that are the differences between each. If yes again, then this article will illustrate some notable differences between uwell vape pen and other products like a pod. Keep reading!

Uwell Vape Pen Vs. Pod

1. Design

A vape pen as the name suggests look like a pen and is long and slim. A pod is also compact but has a large screen, which is absent in the pens. Therefore, in terms of design, a pen is more compact and longer than a pod.

2. Gender Preference

A pen is usually meant for girls since the pen is long and slim, just like a female. A pen vape in a girl’s hand will resemble their long and skinny fingers that go best in a girl’s hands. However, a pod is thicker and larger than a pen. A pod is not as long as a pen but is wider than a pen, which is why it’s preferred by males.

3. Color Options

A pen has relatively less color options than a pod offered by uwell. That’s because the pen are suited for girls and the limited options include pink, purple, light cyan, and other limited light shades.

What Do I Buy If I’m A Girl?

If you’re a girl and looking for a vape from uwell, you should go for Kalmia, which is the leading and the most successful sub category for girls. It will fit your beautiful lips since the color and design is suited for girls. Wear some lipstick and vape with Kalmia and you’ll get a killer look in the public. Men will want to hang out with you as you’ll look like an adorable and attractive lady with a fine appearance with a Kalmia vape.

What Do I Buy If I’m a Boy?

If you’re a boy and want to buy uwell vape, you can go for havok, which is one of the leading sub category for vapes for men. It comes in different dark colors and shades, that will suit your dark personality. If you’re looking for a gender neutral product, you can go with caliburn or yearn, which go best with both boys and girls. Owning a gender neutral vape will let you share it with your close girl friends or females, which will give you an excuse to get near them.

How Do I Buy Uwell Vape?

There are different websites selling uwell vapes. If you’re in Japan, you can go with amazon Japan official website. You’ll get all the uwell vape varieties there. If you want to buy retail stock elsewhere in the world, you can go for aliexpress. But if you want to buy bulk stock, then go for DHGate or made in China.


Go ahead and buy the all new vape by uwell. Don’t forget to buy different vapes to try all of them. You can go for different sub categories other than what’s mentioned in this article. Find them on the official uwell website.